What we’re doing to help:

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Coffee grounds are great for composting. Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients, especially nitrogen. Overall, this means that adding coffee grounds to your garden can work well as a fertiliser. This is a great way to reuse your coffee grounds.

Our takeaway kraft ripple coffee cups are 100% recyclable and the paper is from sustainable forests within Asia. And our takeaway cup lids are made from recyclable plastic.

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The tea bags & coffee bags (the actual bag itself with the tea and coffee in) are 100% compostable.


Our syrup bottles are recyclable plastic.


We are paperless so all invoices and delivery notes are digital.

Recycling Machines:

We believe in up-cycling and giving equipment & machinery a new lease of life where we can therefore all machines part-exchanged for new ones are reconditioned and resold on or leased on a very competitive rate. This aids new start up businesses who want to grow their dreams at a great fraction of the cost.

If they cannot be repaired then parts from them will be stored ready to replace and reuse others in machines if someone else’s machine breaks down. Minimal machine parts go to landfill. As well as machines, our water filters when replaced are stripped down and recycled or items reused where available.

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Our plans for the future:

Our coffee bags are not currently recyclable due to their being a plastic lining within the kraft bag itself and a one way valve but we are looking to source recyclable ones for the future.

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