Barista Training

Barista training includes learning how to texture milk to create the different types of coffee drinks, latte art skills, dialling in the espresso, pulling an espresso. General maintenance & cleaning of machine & grinder. Cold drink training, different types & recipes.

We don’t just sell you a machine or a bag of beans and run. We’ll show you how to make perfect coffee every time. 

How often have you been out for coffee on a cold day, found what you thought was the perfect spot to get to warm up. Only to be served something akin to washing up water! Did you ever go back? Unlikely. Did you mention to your friends how bad it was? Probably.

Whether your purely buying beans from us, or have invested in a shiny new espresso machine, it’s important to us that you’re 100% confident getting started and know your long black from your americano. Your customers will rave about your coffee and become your biggest cheerleaders. More customers, more coffee sales and crucially, more money through your till.

Every single one of our customers get FREE training from our in-house coffee geek and all round guru Nick.

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We charge £75 per hour and recommend you select at least 2 hours to get the best experience.

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Ethically Sourced Coffee

Fairtrade certified & ethically sourced from organic farms in Brazil, Ethiopia and Vietnam

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Award winning Espresso

Our Espresso Blend is our signature award winning, Great Taste Award 2022 1*


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You’re happy, your customers are happy and they’ll just keep coming back for more

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