Espresso Blend



Espresso blend is Waves Coffee Co. most popular coffee. A combination of Brazillian, Vietnamese Robusta and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga.

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About the coffee

The espresso blend is Waves Coffee Co. most popular coffee, the reason for this is because it is a real people pleaser. We put this three bean blend together to work for the mass market and made sure it tastes great with all espresso based drinks, on all espresso machines.

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The three varieties we carefully chose for this coffee are;
Brazil (natural) 17/18, NY2/3, SSFC Vietnam (natural) Robusta
Ethiopia (fully washed) Yirgacheffe Konga
We then hand roast the green beans individually to a medium roast and then post blend them to our extract ratios.
This blend will give you tasting notes of chocolate, fruit and nuts.
The Espresso Blend is the perfect coffee for any coffee shop, restaurant or bar and of course any home espresso machine.

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