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Build Your Own Coffee Package

Transform your passion into a thriving business; curate, click, and create your coffee magic today!

We highly recommend selecting a Water Softener (Scale build up prevention is a better solution than costly machine repairs).

Embark on your coffee entrepreneurship journey with unmatched ease and style!


Our curated ‘Build Your Own Coffee Package‘ provides budding baristas and visionary business owners the unique opportunity to handpick their essential coffee equipment from a comprehensive range of top-tier products. Whether you envision a bustling coffee shop or an intimate stall, our tailored configurations ensure your venture begins with the finest machines, grinders, tampers, jugs, and more.


Transform your passion into a thriving business; curate, click, and create your coffee magic today.

Lease your machine

Why Lease?

Leasing offers a practical solution for setting up a business by allowing monthly payments instead of a significant upfront investment. This flexible payment structure enables entrepreneurs to conserve capital and allocate resources more efficiently during the initial phase. Moreover, in the event of a coffee machine breakdown or the need for an upgrade, leasing eliminates the concern of a substantial financial burden. By opting for leasing, businesses can quickly replace or upgrade their coffee machines without incurring a large outgoing cost, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.
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Kennet Leasing specialise in providing business equipment finance, giving businesses the power to grow. They can arrange business finance quotes for all manner of equipment to help your business take the next steps. Get your business finance quote today by filling out the form on their website, giving as much detail as possible.

Authorised Equipment Suppliers

We are authorised to supply Coffee Equipment and Machines from the world's best Coffee brands. Click the logos to find out more.


Ethically Sourced Coffee

Fairtrade certified & ethically sourced from organic farms in Brazil, Ethiopia and Vietnam

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Award winning Espresso

Our Espresso Blend is our signature award winning, Great Taste Award 2022 1*


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